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The Easy Guide to Understanding Blockchain Technology

Blockchain - the latest buzzword in tech. Unless you are a caveman, you definitely have heard about Bitcoin and the impressive technology - blockchain - that enables Bitcoin transactions around the world. For the past few years, we’ve been inundated by...
Tech Muse | timer6 minutes read

Healthcare Technology trends to watch out for in 2018

The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution. People are empowered with health information, thanks to technological innovations in digital health. It’s vitally important that healthcare professionals continue to stay up to date on advances in technology that...
Tech Muse | timer4 minutes read

A guide to making your business paperless

A paperless office is a compelling concept for any business that aims to be cost-effective, eco-friendly, efficient, and productive. The concept has been enticing ever since computers entered the workplace. However, the paperless office remains elusive to...
Green Tech | timer7 minutes read

The Matter of Fax: A look at faxing in healthcare

When the internet and email came along in the late 90’s, many projected the death of the fax machine. Sure enough, fax machines are not the office staple they once were. However, one peek into the healthcare industry and you’ll notice...
Just the Fax | timer5 minutes read

6 Tips for Effectively Managing a Distributed Team

Creating and managing a distributed team is often the most cost effective model for new companies. In many cases it also allows for more business growth than a traditional business model and allows you to hire the best people from...
House Documo | timer4 minutes read

5 Benefits of having a Remote Team

first think about working remotely or building a distributed team. Many times, business owners find themselves weighing the pros and cons trying to figure out if a distributed team is the best fit for t...
House Documo | timer2 minutes read

Which is more secure: Sending a document through email or efax services?

It has become all too common to hear in the news how another high-profile company has fallen victim to a security breach and exposed sensitive consumer information. Companies make a common choice in the means by which they transmit sensitive information each day, including...
Just the Fax | timer4 minutes read

VoIP and FoIP Software: What's the difference?

Since the inception of high-speed internet, it’s becoming more and more common to see businesses make the switch to Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication systems in VoIP and FoIP software. This growth is reflected in the amount of VoIP telephone lines...
Just the Fax | timer6 minutes read

T.38 and the VoIP fax stigma

There are a lot of misconceptions about VoIP fax out there, in particular about T.38 fax protocol. Typical generalizations include “VoIP Fax is unreliable” or “T.38 doesn’t work”. Although these statements can be true when referring to a particular solution or network, they are not accurate statements in general. We would like to help unravel...
Just the Fax | timer6 minutes read

Fax Server vs Cloud Fax

With so many software applications moving to the cloud, it can be difficult to figure out what the pros and cons are for each one. Fax is no different. Since we specialize in offering Enterprise Class hosted fax services, our customers are often comparing us to the latest Fax Server solution out there...
Just the Fax | timer3 minutes read

HIPAA and The Cloud

One of the most common questions we get related to our service is “Is your fax service HIPAA compliant?” That’s a great question with no easy answer. I think the better question to ask is “Is my practice compliant?” In order to answer this, it’s important to understand...
Just the Fax | timer4 minutes read