App App Baby - v2.8

Announcing the release of app v2.8 with even more features and upgrades for mFax. Here is what's included in this newest version of the app.

Events (audit logs)

This new feature displays detailed audit logs for your entire account including verification that email notifications were sent. (Access limited to Admin)

Porting search

The porting portal receives a search box.

Fax file naming updated

Based on customer feedback we have updated the naming convention for fax files to include the date within the file name.

Outbound email notifications added for FaxBridges

FaxBridge users can now assign a user or users to the FaxBridge who will receive outbound status email notifications for all faxes sent through the FaxBridge.

Fax preview

A preview button has been added to the send fax screen which will allow users to see a full preview of their fax before sending.

Permissions screen gets a facelift

The permissions screen has been upgraded to include quick toggle settings to replace dropdowns.

CSID added to FaxBridge

A new field (CSID) has been added to FaxBridge management.

Password security enhancement

Password management has been enhanced to include a new security feature allowing Admins to set an expiration time on user passwords.

Keep an eye out on your notifications as Documo App v3.0 is on the horizon. Exciting things are on the way. We hope you enjoy these upgrades and new features!

- The mFax Team