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v2.10 Browser notifications and more

July 1, 2019
While we're warming up the grill and getting ready to watch some fireworks, we've released some upgrades to the mFax system....Read More

v2.9 Bulk Management is here!

May 25, 2019
We've added Bulk Management to the Fax History and Numbers screens, making it easy to work with multiple line items....Read More

FaxBridge Firmware Update v20180902B

May 11, 2019
A major FaxBridge firmware update was released 5/8/2019 for both the FaxBridge kernel and application....Read More

App App Baby - v2.8

April 7, 2019
Announcing the release of app v2.8 with even more features and upgrades for mFax. Here is what's included in this newest version of the app....Read More

Spring Fling - v2.7

March 5, 2019
Ahoy! App version v2.7 has arrived! Here is some of what is included in this newest version....Read More

'Tis the season - v2.6

December 25, 2018
In the spirit of the holiday season, we come bearing gifts! We’ve been hard at work in the Documo lab and have just released v2.6 which includes some enhancements and new features we’re excited to share with you....Read More