Save the Planet: 10 Easy Things to Do

March broke our hearts when Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, died. Sudan’s death serves as a stark reminder of the effect humans have on the global ecosystem. As NASA notes, human activities since the mid 20th century have caused the earth to warm at an unprecedented rate. Unless Mars becomes habitable soon, our careless deeds will eventually result in losing our only home.

April 22 is observed as Earth Day. Across 193 countries, people join hands to save the environment from further deterioration, which makes Earth Day the largest civic observance in the world. It’s on each of our shoulders to save planet earth and our fellow beings. This article will list 10 things that we can do on Earth Day and every day forward. Remember, every small act counts.

  1. Everyone knows that cars are the leading producers of greenhouse gas emissions. Although electric vehicles are now here, they can be out of financial reach for many. Making the choice to walk, ride your bike, carpool, or using public transportation when possible can make a difference and be better for your health as well.

  2. Reduce consumption of paper as much as you can. Relying on online documentation and digital invoices are two sure ways you can bring down the use of paper at your workplace. Ask yourself before you hit the print button, “Does this really need to be printed?”. Our guide to making your business paperless lays out some additional tools you might find useful.

  3. Simple and easy tasks such as switching off lights and fans while leaving a room and unplugging appliances when not in use can save a lot of energy. Pay attention to the usage of air conditioners/thermostats when you are not around. Switch to CFL or LED bulbs which last longer and consume less energy.

  4. Save water. Go around your house and fix all the taps that leak. Turn the taps off while you are brushing teeth or washing face. Avoid bottled water and reduce plastic consumption.

  5. Engage in recycling and upcycling projects. If your business cannot become paperless at any cost, use recycled paper. Upcycle a plastic bottle into a pot for a plant. An easy and recreational method is to utilize Pinterest to find interesting projects using objects that we dump as waste.

  6. Disposable plastics have a negative impact on our environment. A shocking number of marine animals and birds die as they accidently ingest plastic and choke on it. The alternative is to use reusable bottles, grocery bags, and everything else that where you’d otherwise use a plastic product.

  7. We live in the age of technology. Newer gadgets are replacing older ones in the blink of an eye. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is generated in the form of phones, printers, fax machines, television, laptops, and anything which has a “battery and cord”. Improper disposal of electronic waste can cause serious harm to people and the environment due to toxic metals such as mercury, lead, and other corrosive substances. Ensure that you discard e-waste in designated drop off locations.

  8. Get organized with like-minded individuals and work towards protecting the environment as a community. Growing a community garden, arranging events to plant trees, or taking up other environmental initiatives like a recycling drive can inspire more people, including children. These activities will help develop a generation which is more conscious of the environment and helps to build awareness among others around you. Contributing to the environmental movement is a collective responsibility.

  9. One reason for the indifference of some people is the detachment from nature. Those who live in urban centers are surrounded by concrete, metal, and fiberglass all day and forget the beauty of the earth. Force yourself to spend a day at the park on a day you’d normally be at the mall. Go for a hike or visit a botanical garden. Getting back in touch with nature can help invigorate your drive to help save our planet.

  10. Finally, speak up for our planet. Let our lawmakers and policymakers know that we won’t abide by willful ignorance. Send out a social media post from time to time to show what you’ve done and get others involved. If every person doing something got just one other person involved, the impact would be massive.

At Documo, we ardently believe that changing the way the world works with documents can help reduce paper consumption and waste, leading to a positive effect on our planet. Our mission is to build brilliant products that make people’s lives easier and are a net positive to the environment.

Happy Earth Day!